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Mac Ranch offers remote technical support you can trust

Many software issues and some hardware issues may easily be addressed remotely, sparing you the inconvenience of having to bring your system into the store or the cost of having to schedule on on-site visit by one of our technicians.

If you are experiencing an issue, please call our field-service department at 970-259-1187 and press 104. After discussing your issue, if it appears that it can be addressed remotely, the technician will advise you to download and install the appropriate “AnyDesk” remote-client from the links on this page.

The cost for a remote technical support session is $50.00 which includes up-to 15 minutes of support. If an extended support session is required, the additional costs are $100.00 an hour billed in half-hour increments.

Download Any Desk For Mac
Download Any Desk For Windows