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(970) 259-1187

1480 E 2nd Ave in Durango

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(970) 259-1187

(970) 259-1187

Make your computer purchase possible with financing

Visit The Mac Ranch to Apply for Financing

Buying that new computer, iPad or other device at The Mac Ranch supports the local
economy. Using GE Capital is an affordable and flexible way to pay for it and you can apply in the store.


You can get great financing with low minimum monthly payments*

Take advantage of special promotions*

Use your account for repeat purchases*

*Subject to credit approval.


Business Computer Sales

With more than 20 years of experience using the Apple platform, The Mac Ranch can provide the solutions to drive your business — from tools to increase your competitive edge and productivity, security to keep your business safe, to the compatibility that integrates into your existing IT investments.


Gift Certificates for the Apple Enthusiast

Buy a holiday gift (or birthday gift, employee bonus, anniversary present, or just because) in the form of a Mac Ranch Gift Certificate. It can be used to buy products at the Mac Ranch, pay for computer repair, or to fund One on One technology training.


Upgrade Your Family to a Mac

The Apple/Mac Platform tops the charts in reliability and customer satisfaction. Why get a new PC when you can upgrade your entire computer experience with a Mac? Buy local, develop a lasting relationship and support your local economy.

We sell everything Apple.* Our prices are the same as Apple and the extra peace of mind you'll get from local, trusted advice & service is available no where else.


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*We do not sell iPhones.

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